The Croatian railway network


HŽ Infrastruktura manages railway lines longer than 2,604 km in the Republic of Croatia. A good ratio of railway line kilometres and the country’s population (1556 people per kilometre) ranks the Republic of Croatia among developed European countries.

On its network, it maintains 542 stations and stops, 1,512 level crossings, 109 tunnels and 548 bridges. Many of these facilities are also protected cultural heritage.

HŽ Infrastruktura is responsible for traffic management and operation, for rehabilitation, maintenance and construction of railway infrastructure, which is a public good in general use.

On average, around 730 passenger and 135 freight trains operate on the network on a daily basis.


1p 2p 3p
2604 km of railway lines 542 stations and stops 1512 level crossings
4p 5p

109 tunnels

548 bridges

National cultural heritage


The access to the Croatian railway network for freight operators was liberalized on July 1, 2013, upon Croatia’s EU accession. Currently, there are six operators on the network, five freight and one passenger operator.



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